Demographics are like your brand’s BFFs—they tell you everything you need to know about who’s vibing with your property. And guess what? Different age groups have different tastes and quirks that you must be familiar with.

So, let’s break it down. You’ve got your Millennials, the tech-savvy crew aged 25 to 40 who dig authentic, socially conscious brands. They’re all about sustainability and keeping it real, so hit them up on the digital scene.

Then there’s Gen Z, the young guns aged 18 to 24 who practically live on social media and TikTok. They want things personalized and love following influencers. So, if you’re targeting them, get ready to amp up your online game with some killer content.

Now, don’t forget about Gen X – those folks aged 41 to 56 who value quality and convenience. They’re all about reliability and getting bang for their buck, so ensure your property delivers on that promise.

And let’s not leave out the Baby Boomers, aged 57 to 75, who are all about trust and top-notch service. They’re the ones who appreciate good ol’ TV ads and print media, so keep it classic when reaching out to them.

Finally, we’ve got the Silent Generation, aged 76 and up, who love simplicity and nostalgia. Think warm fuzzies and personalized service – that’s what they’re all about.

So, there you have it – different strokes for different folks. By understanding the age groups in your target market, you can tailor your brand’s vibe to speak their language and keep them coming back for more.

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