Why is it important for a complete brand campaign?
AWhen a company or project invests in an overall brand campaign, it creates a consistent and powerful presence in the marketplace. Prospects remember a solid campaign if every element connects. When the brand is repeated in identity, signage, digital presence, collateral and all marketing, it establishes an unforgettable image and secures a successful business. Robinson provides all services and controls the image for a strategic and dynamic approach.
What does the production or installation process involve?
AWhether it is collateral or signage, the quickest process relies on client communication with any approvals, concise and from one source. RC schedules the quickest turnaround so clients receive their product as soon as possible, but details are also important. The process should not be rushed. Signage can be delayed by city approvals or the permitting process. City and client approval must be obtained before production begins but RC attempts to secure this as quickly as possible.
What is the normal timeline or turnaround?
ACollateral generally takes about 4 to 5 weeks, depending on client approvals. Complex printing such as embossing and die-cuts or multiple integrated products may take longer. All signage takes about 5 to 8 weeks depending on complexity, city permits, materials and quantity. Many times RC can adjust production to accommodate the client.
How important is image?
ARC believes in image! Image, or the brand, secures a company’s signature. If image doesn’t match the company’s product, it doesn’t connect to the public and it will never reach its full potential. It is a valuable asset and RC treats it as such. Robinson Creative researches your demographic, area, history, product, competition and objectives in order to establish a dynamic brand. It lays the foundation with color, logo, slogan, fonts, look and approach.

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