Drive Them To Your Door

How can you illuminate the prospect’s path so they can find you?

We face a ton of challenges in the multifamily industry. One of the most demanding is ensuring the public knows we are here! Whether you are located behind a retail center, hidden by multiple trees, or you just need to tell the world you exist, there are effective ways to get the message out and guide your prospects directly to your door.

Remember those mazes we often doodled through when we were kids? You would see the goal and just had to find the correct path to reach the prize. We know how to reach our community, but does the prospect even notice? …And how many people do you lose because they can’t seem to find you?

Beyond outside marketing, websites, and advertising, how do you draw in traffic? Here are a few tips!

••• One

Don't block signage
Raise tree canopies and remove overgrown foliage that hide your community, its signs and entrances.

••• Two

Large Banner

Contact the City on restrictions about a large banner on the largest flat side of a building that can be seen from a distant highway.



Strategically look at your closest traffic arteries. There may be a way to get permission from a landowner to place directionals in order to guide traffic over to you.

••• Four

Large Identity

Ensure your large identities (monuments or ID signs) are at the maximum size of what your City allows and secure key areas announcing your community.

••• Five

Grab Attention

Use banners, bandits, flags and balloons creatively and strategically to grab attention to a main entrance and position them to guide traffic to your leasing center.

••• Six

Permanent signage

Your city may allow permanent directional signs. Use these attractively to guide prospects to specific turn-ins and use them to illuminate a pathway to your door.

••• Seven

Landscaping Funnel

Landscaping is key also! Use seasonal color and foliage to not only look warm and inviting but funnel the eye into your community. Entrances, corridors, and leasing/club areas should always look stunning and catch the eye during every season.


Property View

You should constantly keep an eye on all these important areas as well to ensure all is maintained and fresh. Consistently drive your property from all directions each season, so you see what the prospect sees on the approach.

••• Nine

Final 5

Final 5 ••••• Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How can I make my community more visible from a distance? – Distance
  2. What is the best traffic route, and can I use directionals to help guide traffic? – Direction
  3. Once they are close, will my entrance catch their eye, and will they see it? – Deliver
  4. How can I make my community more appealing on approach?  – Dazzle
  5. Finally, will they quickly know where the leasing office is located? – Destination
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