10 Tips for a Fantastic Identity Sign.

Every community, every business, every shop, store or place must identify itself and invest in a dynamic main sign. It is often the first impression a prospect experiences when driving up!

“A sign that contains a business’s logo can help reinforce its brand. Because an exterior sign is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, its effect is continuous.” – Chron.com

Your sign not only needs to tell traffic who you are, but it also presents your image at a glance, an attitude, and it has to look good 24/7! But city codes, lighting restrictions, traffic issues, and location are factors that can complicate any main identity. How do you know what is best for a sign? Is your current sign the best it can be? Here are some quick tips on how to ensure your identity sign is a beacon for the world to find you:


Day or Night Monument Signage

Your sign, no matter what city or location, should look fantastic both day and night. A prospect may see you in the day when they stop by out of curiosity or if they’re trying to locate you based on only an address. However, a sign should also be seen at night. Many people are driving home from work or running errands at night. There also may be a retail center or restaurant located close to your location. Oftentimes, prospects may see your location at night and then give you a call the next day. Make sure you check your lighting and know it is illuminating properly. If you use ground lights, they should always be replaced. You are losing business if your sign does not illuminate, so always check to make sure lights are working on your sign. Stay later or have someone else check constantly for any lights that do not work after dusk. Sometimes only certain lights are working while others are not if your sign is internally lit. This damages your reputation if someone sees only partial illumination or just one or two letters are glowing… It could be promoting something you don’t want to say!


Keep your main identity blades, monuments and building signs clean. This is a reflection of your business. Oftentimes, traffic residue, leaves and branches, bird droppings, construction dust, tree sap and other forms of dirt quickly collect on a sign. At least once a quarter make sure there is an effort to clean your sign. We recommend a simple water hose jet spray; Not a power washer. Don’t apply too much pressure, but simply wash down the sign. Do not use harsh chemicals or intense detergents as this may affect your paint and finishes. A dirty sign looks like your management doesn’t care and sends a definite message to anyone who sees your identity.

3. Irrigation Irritation

Monument Signage with Water Damage - Before & After

Clients will inadvertently, in an effort to ensure landscaping around their sign is properly irrigated, direct sprinkler heads to constantly water the sign. Hard water deposits and the constant pressure of water hitting the sign will cause even the best-looking signage to deteriorate quickly. Water will eat away at the paint finish, stain stone and wood and sometimes cause severe warping of certain materials. Direct heads to spray away from the monument and into your foliage.

4. Dreamscape

The right landscaping can enhance a sign. Use basic landscaping to establish and complement a sign, then add seasonal color throughout the year so that the eye is drawn to the sign. You can even use a visual color funnel from the street narrowing until it reaches the sign. Visually this catches the prospect’s attention and draws the eye to your sign.

5. Never Hide

Landscaping is important and should be utilized. However, don’t plant large hedges and large plants in front of your sign. This will eventually cover your sign and it will be unreadable. If you have “out of control” foliage currently, make sure it is trimmed back or replaced with less obtrusive landscaping so that there is no blockage. Seasonal color in front of a sign attracts the eye but keep color only a foot or so tall. Speak to your landscaper and let them know so they are always mindful when planting around your identity.

6. Help Desk!

Ensure your landscaper constantly trims your current landscape so it doesn’t overgrow your sign. Also, your maintenance personnel can wash down the sign once a quarter and keep a watchful eye on the sign to ensure it’s illuminating properly. But if there are letters that are falling or something isn’t working, call a sign professional to repair the sign immediately. Again, a sign that is falling apart is a poor reflection on your image.

7. Refresh & Rejuvenate!

You’ve painted your property and gone through a rehabilitation. But many times, signs are overlooked! Paint or sign finishes will last 5 to 7 years typically. But harsh conditions such as the heat of the sun can erode your sign and make it look tired. A fresh coat of paint and some attention may be needed.

8. Consistency is Key

Monument Signage with Consistent Marketing Materials

It’s been said that your sign is the prospect’s first impression of your property. It should present your current logo and current brand colors. If they see you on the Internet, advertising, or on your website, your sign should follow the same consistent brand. A different logo or even confusing colors may deter a prospect when they are searching for you.

9. Time for Something New?

Sign codes often change as do lighting techniques and new sign innovations. Strategize your budget for a new sign that can be placed closer to the road or possibly attracting more attention with a dynamic new design. Today’s signs are much more impressive with retail-inspired looks, brilliant materials, longer-lasting LED illumination, unique cuts, and striking new concepts. Signs can be expensive, but the investment adds to the value of your property and continues to attract more traffic. As the above quote from Chron.com states, it is an important investment that constantly promotes your business 24/7, 365 days a year.

10. One Last Note

Finally, signs are overlooked once they are installed. You may not realize your sign is causing your traffic to select a competitor instead of you. Keeping your sign clean and maintained while constantly keeping a watchful eye on its effectiveness benefits your success. Because it may not be in your sight it definitely tends to be out of mind. Keep your sign identity looking extraordinary and you’ll feel the difference. Schedule regular inspections to ensure everything is in working order. Remember, your image is priceless, and your sign is the first thing they see!

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