5350 Burnet Apartments Contemporary Brochure with Die-Cut

Repositioned Community Gets A Better Deal.

This urban residential community in Austin, Texas has a very contemporary look and feel. Interior colors are bright and fun loving. The address is the name of the community and the client asks that the surrounding retro neighborhood be explored. So, the names of plans take on the name of neighborhoods and the brochure is designed with punch-out circles, revealing theme colors. The inventive wraparound design showcases the community with repeating circles and a sharp modern motif. During construction, a temporary marketing piece with floor plans is utilized for corporate marketing and pre-leasing. A direct mail campaign promotes the community to students and executives while distinctive flyers and advertising strategically present the property to additional markets. Corporate image is consistent with the established campaign.

5350 Burnet

July 25, 2011


5350 Burnet